A Mile In Her Shoes
A Mile In Her Shoes

I came across this amazing charity on Twitter today and it just really touched my heart. I’m not even a runner but I can’t imagine being impeded from doing this most basic of actions by simply not having the clothes to do it in.

A Mile In Her Shoes is a volunteer resourced charity that helps women who are homeless, at risk of being homeless or suffering from any related issues around homelessness, whether they be mental or physical health. As a non-runner (but an enthusiastic walker – except in February) it seems a bit of a strange one to have grabbed me, but because I walk my dogs every day I know that the physicality and mind space is so important to me, as is the structure. It’s like my yoga and I like the routine of it. Usually, I meet up with friends and we walk our dogs together, or I bump into people in the park and we strike up a conversation. It’s just about having a reason for being outside that allows you access to other people, even if it’s just a wave or a smile, that can make a positive difference to both physical and mental health.

A Mile In Her Shoes uses qualified and insured trainers to run their sessions for all ability groups where everyone is welcome. But, to do it, and to provide a level playing field for every woman that would like to take part, they need the clothing. A Mile In Her Shoes provides all the kit from sports bras to running shoes so that nobody has to be turned away for lack of trainers. So, I’m pretty sure I have followers for whom exercise is crucial, whether it’s a run, a walk or a swim for whom this will resonate. I’m also pretty sure I have brands and PRs who can pitch in as well with kit for a fabulous project doing incredible work. Muscle rub probably wouldn’t go amiss either!

If you have kit to donate, it needs to be in very good condition, obviously – nobody needs an exercise bra where the elastic has gone! (bras and socks are always given new) So, I’ll direct you to the site which explains where to donate HERE or send or drop off your donated kits to Sarah Gordon, A Mile in Her Shoes, c/o London South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA.


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