I’ve taken exception to the execution of this so-called ‘ink’ pen, with ink scented with the notes of Very Hollywood. For a start, when I was at school, an ‘ink’ pen was a pen with a nib that required ink cartridges or a bottle of ink. Not a ball point pen. Any thoughts of writing a beautiful letter in my best handwriting with deliciously fragrant ink just disappeared when I realised it is little more than a biro in a pink case. To my mind, this ball point is only a fractional move on from kiddie gel pens that are scented with strawberry or bubblegum. The fact that it is only £20 is telling, if you take into account store mark ups, and basically this is, in my view, from start to finish a cheap, tacky, gimmicky pen that could have been an absolutely amazing, artful and covetable item. Tsk.

It’s also billed as ‘limited edition’. Oh, really? I am looking at reviews across the blogosphere from 2008 for the same item, which doesn’t seem terribly limited to me if it lasts three years.

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