I absolutely love ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories from the beauty world. I had a fascinating chat with someone from a brand (who for obvious reasons will remain nameless) about customers who quite literally take the P. Read on and try not to let your jaw drop into your lap.

Customer 1:  Uses a body self-tan, is ‘horrified’ to discover that it has stained her La Perla knickers. So, she sends her precious undies, unwashed, to Brand X to make the point. Brand X very kindly washed them for her, removed the self-tan stains and posted them back, but had to inform her that they were unable to remove the non-tan related stains.

Customer 2:  Sends back a product to Brand X saying it caused a reaction. That’s fine, but including a urine sample in the package? A little OTT.

Customer 3:  Sends back a set of empty pots, deciding belatedly that the products didn’t suit her skin, and demands a full refund. 

And the medal goes to Customer 4 who phoned Brand X in hysterics declaring that the Brand X facial exfoliator had eradicated her eyebrows. After being talked down for a few minutes and asked to retrace her steps to the bathroom, it transpired she’d used hair removal cream to freshen her complexion.

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