Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil

As a general rule, I never write about cellulite or ‘slimming’ products on this site. I think, over the course of 7 years that BBB has been running, you’d be pushed to find more than a couple of posts that advocates them. When I started BBB, anti-cellulite products were always in the press but I know from my own experiences that tackling cellulite via a cream or lotion is a big ask – you’ll get softer and firmer skin maybe, to hold it all together slightly better, but at the time, there wasn’t anything that convincingly worked. In fact, given any cellulite oil came with strong instruction to combine with massage and diet, you could be very sure that the actual product was the least of it and properly a waste of money when you can massage and diet for free.

But, if you’re a regular BBB reader, you’ll know that I love Melvita as a brand, and what made me sit up and take notice of the Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is that on the bottle it says, ‘dimpled skin smoothing effect’. Now, I would a million times over rather address dimples than ‘stubborn cellulite’ and all the weight shaming associations that often come with that moniker. I would rather a million times ‘firm’ than ‘slenderize’ for the same reasons. So, Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is sensitively presented which I like.

However, despite the fact that you will certainly have smoother, tauter skin, even this isn’t going to really disappear your cellulite. Basically, if you can make the ‘wrapping’ able to hold the contents more tightly (think about a smooth envelope with bubblewrap padding on the inside) then improving the look without ‘curing’ the cellulite as such, does still have some merits. One of the ingredients in Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is the ‘pink gold’ berry with a lipolytic activity eight times higher than caffeine. It’s also got Sea Buckthorn seed oil, Black Pepper oil and Rosehip oil. It’s fair to say that your skin will look significantly better after use.

Personally, I’d enjoy this as a stellar body dry oil and keep my fingers crossed for any dimple action rather than buy it – or anything else – specifically for ‘slimming’. But, of any formulas that I’ve seen recently that might make inroads into dimples, Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is very much the most promising.

Melvita L’Or Rose Firming Oil is £30 and scheduled for an April launch in the UK, although already available in France. Oh, and fragrance wise.. minty, lemony, floral. Lovely.

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