Fun times today with David Barton at Percy & Reid, when I went to get my nails beautifully smoothed by the Re:Fusion and we ended up making all kinds of nail magic. First of all though, the Re:fusion did the business and resealed the nail tips so they are perfect. I’d brought my sample of Chanel Riva and we mixed it up a bit with David’s new Nude creations for Maybelline launching early next year.

Once that was done with, David showed me how to do nail marbling which, once you get the hang of it, gives a spectacular result. Bearing in mind that next spring is all about the ’70’s look, this is something that’s going to be really smack bang on trend. Be adventurous with your colours and use unexpected shades. Anyway, here we go:

Chanel Riva with Nude Accent

Paint your nails with white nail polish to start.

Get a cup of room temperature water and add drops of your colour selection one at a time.

The polish sits at the top of the water and forms a film.

Using an orange stick, very gently swirl the colours.

Colours swirled.

Dip one finger at a time into the film.

Push the polish swirl away from the finger to minimise polish adhering to the finger skin.

Wipe around the entire nail with acetone to get a clean look.
This is what we used to get the look.

You will need pure acetone to remove residue from the skin, and also some cotton buds for precision removal because there is no getting away from the fact that this does need some clearing up afterwards. You can also add white to the mix instead of painting your nails white initially. Marbling isn’t a perfect technique – the brighter, more pigmented polish the better the result. David’s nail there shows a mix of pale blue, brownish nude, white and orange and you can see the orange and white have come to the fore although the accents are gorgeous close up.

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