Emma Hardie is a woman of opposites. She veers between being gently charming to a sharp, no-nonsense businesswoman and talks in a voice that is in turns loud and quiet, meaning that you miss a bit but get a lot. Her ideas about what makes great skin will leave you a little stunned, blending holistic ideals and factual science. On the one hand, it’s easy to dismiss her self generated bio-electrical energy theories as cranky, but on the other, it cannot be denied that she has AMAZING skin! So, there’s clearly something in it. Trying to relay exactly how this energy works and can be improved is entirely another matter.

Because I see so many skin care products, I have to rely sometimes, on gut instinct. Everyone’s got a ‘theory’ or a new ingredient or discovered the key to eternal youth, yadda, yadda, and some, despite initial promise end up being very disappointing (Genifique, to name one). And meeting the person responsible for a new product or brand can sway opinion because you just get so caught up in their enthusiasm, but in this instance, I feel the Amazing Face range will indeed be rather incredible. More known for her ‘facelift’ facials at The Hale Clinic using manual skin and muscle softening technology that leaves her clients looking like they just came back from a 6 month vacation, Emma is well placed to combine hands-on expertise with ingredient knowledge and come up with something amazing. I’ll be writing more about this line as I test it, but my initial instincts tell me it’s really quite special.

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