Okay so I’ve had three attempts at getting this to work and what sounds very simple in paper is not quite so. The machine relies on you being able to get two bars against the skin at any one time while holding two grip sensors. Now, I’ve checked which the sensors are and when I hold them it doesn’t make it work. That’s a fail. It’s also nigh on impossible to get two bars held down on the skin under your arm without letting it rest but not re-doing anywhere for 10 seconds. And, if you follow guidelines to ensure that your skin is freshly shaved and completely clean there is no gliding possible.

I’m so annoyed with this product: it’s £450 and far too complicated and hard to use to the point that I haven’t even been able to get it working at all. I am pretty sure I’ll get an offer for a step by step guide, but not every consumer will and if your instruction booklet can’t offer easy to follow steps then really, what did you spend the £450 on?

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