Matrix Oil Wonders
Matrix Oil Wonders

Wow – there are some very high claims on this beautifully scented oil from Matrix. I can’t, hand on heart, say I know exactly what hibiscus smells of but this is a very clean, floral and exotic scent all at once.

Salon products are weird – they’re always hard to get hold of and often when a new range comes out, there’s a salon service to go with it. Which is all very well, but you can easily do most of them at home providing you have the product. And this is where Matrix Oil Wonders Color Caring Oil comes in. For a start, it doesn’t feel super-oily – you cand tell from the touch, there’s definitely silicone in there (dimethicone) and the main oil is olive oil with hibiscus oil featuring very near last on the ingredient list. I’m thinking that possibly a picture of hibiscus was waved somewhere near it.

My hair loves silicone so that is definitely not a minus for me at all – in fact, I actively look for it. However, translating the Wonder of Shine treatment, using Hibiscus Oil, is a bit of a doddle and comprises a ‘deep concooning wrap’ – aka Hibiscus Oil into your conditioner (preferably Hibiscus Oil Wonders Conditioner) and wrap it in a hot towel for two minutes. Apparently, you can increase shine on colour treated hair by 75% – I cannot wait to get this on my head! Shine is the one thing you lose when you colour treat your hair.

If the 75% claim stands up that will be the shinest of shiny hair – so shiny I’d be concerned about a magpie attack. Let’s see… but so far I’m totally sold. I’ll try it out and let you know how I get on.

Doing treatments at home is so much more convenient for me – I just don’t really have time to spend hours in a salon but actually, it sounds like a gorgeous pamper with some stellar results afterwards. Hairdressers always do a much better job on my hair than I ever can so I wouldn’t discount booking in to have the luxury of someone doing it for me.

If you’re looking for stockists or salons, the best bet is to use the customer service line on 0800 387 600 – Matrix Oil Wonders are out in the US (to rave reviews) but I haven’t tracked them down here yet.

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