It’s not often I leave a meeting with a couple of bras in my bag (and no, I didn’t steal them!), but I am so delighted to have found the bra of my dreams. Seriously.

White Light as Air Bra T332023 £19
White Light as Air Bra T332023 £19

I’ve posted before that I hate ‘constructions’.. and the indignity of being wrestled into a thick strapped monster that’s far too tight because that’s the *right* fit. I’ve been fitted at everything from a B cup to a DD and even though I am far more comfortable in a 34 back, most fitters are adamant that I have to have a 32 – and it’s bloody awful to wear. I want a comfort fit not an exact fit. The last fitting I went to, I said I wanted the 34, the fitter was adamant I needed the 32.. I said I didn’t want it and so it went on, until I thought we were agreed that the customer could have what she wanted. I got home and it was the 32 she’d sneaked into the bag.

lM&S Lght As Air Bra
M&S Lght As Air Bra

Add to that some thick wad of foam and I pretty much look nothing like I should look. I am really happy to have the shape of my boobs showing.. they don’t need disguising in domes and god knows I hate a thick strap – and they pretty much all have thick, ungainly straps.

So, the M&S Light As Air Bra (£19) really is a revelation. There is the lightest, lightest of padding in there.. more moulding than padding I would say.. that embraces your shape with the help of underwiring. The straps are delicate and thin and oh, it’s SO comfortable. The support is decent, although I was measured at M&S as a B cup which I think is about right, but I could have gone to a C cup, and that’s it.. my search is over. It comes in white, black and nude – I have the white and the black and am going to order the nude today. I suggest that if you’re totally tired of the constructions and all the insanity vanity sizing going on, you do the same.  They go up to a (true) 38DD. You can find them HERE.


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