[sample/affiliate] At £6.50 a pop, I’m pretty impressed with these little alphabet fragrances from M&S. I’ve spent more time than I should, with no solid conclusion, thinking about how they broke the letters down and what research was done on how many of each letter. Surely there are less X names than B names for example, but whether there are more B names than D names is anyone’s guess. And yet, there must be that research out there otherwise it would be impossible to sales predict.

Marks & Spencer Alphabet Fragrance

The scent is not by any means fine fragrance, but the soft floral notes of rose and jasmine are really pretty. I didn’t pick up any of the honey or amber that is supposed to be there but I know I could easily wear this as a day to day fragrance that will sit very nicely. In terms of longevity – it’s not huge, but not terrible either. The initial fragrance doesn’t really change as it warms on the skin, there’s just less of it as time passes. It’s sweet with a slightly soapy back note (which I like) and I think at the price, a lovely buy especially as it’s on offer for £5.20. It’s HERE, non affiliate HERE.

Marks & Spencer Alphabet Candle

It’s not quite such a success story with the Alphabet Candles – this one is Grapefruit and Ginger, pretty much in name only!

Marks & Spencer Alphabet Candle

There’s a bit of a lesson in quality control here – this had wax all over the glass above the solid wax. I have never seen them look this way in store so there is obviously a rogue batch out there and most unlike M&S who are usually meticulous about their quality control. In the burn, it took a very long time before there was even a tiny amount of fragrance and it didn’t really ever get to anything that I could describe as room fragrancing. I mean, it looked nice enough with the metallic lettering so if it’s atmosphere over fragrance that you want, no problem at all. They’re £5 HERE, non affiliate HERE. I should mention that the candle has 5 stars from 32 reviews on the M&S web site so perhaps it is that I have a rogue one that for whatever reason isn’t matching the standard of the majority.

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