I think this is my second ever video on BBB so please be kind.. I’m clearly not an expert! However, the Dolce & Gabanna video ad in Marie Claire magazine’s current issue is spectacularly impressive as an innovation and also a very key moment in print media’s battle to merge print with on-line and digital. I am honestly so blown away by this! 

The page in the magazine that holds the video is thin cardboard consistency with the three little dots (that you see in the vid) emitting the sound. The quality of sound and video is just amazing given that it is a live magazine page. I’ve had to video it on the floor in a dark corner of my dining room because the video itself is quite light reflective and it is a sunny day! Everything about this innovation from P&G is stunning. It could have been so crappy and yet it isn’t – it is truly exciting. 

I don’t think the video is in every copy so it’s a little bit like the golden ticket if you get one. 

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