[productsample/affiliate] It’s ages since I even took any notice of whether mascaras are waterproof or not – modern formulas are just so much better than mascara of old that it doesn’t occur to me to check. I can’t think of the last time I had a mascara running disaster to be honest. However, as chance would have it, last week I did end up in light rain while I was wearing Make Up Revolution Waterproof Mascara – actually it was a bit of a decadent day with day wine, something I very rarely do. Bizarrely, while I was talking to my friend and co-day-winer, Kirsty, I realised we were sitting at the very same outside table that I often used to sit with the founder of Make Up Revolution, Adam. So, rain, a lot of laughter, talks of mediums and pink day wine I think are a good enough test bed for a waterproof mascara.

Make Up Revolution Waterproof Mascara

I can tell you that not only did it stay the course, 100%, without a smear, smudge or flake, it also needed a proper eye make up remover to take it completely off when I got home. While the formula didn’t give me towering lengths lash-wise, and the brush is too fat for my personal liking, it did give a very, very black, revved up lash fringe that a couple of people commented on while I was at an event beforehand, and usually that never happens. I would confidently say that while it might not take you all the way to France on a cross-channel swim, I’d fancy your chances if you got caught in a sudden downpour. You’ll be able to laugh, cry and sweat with no discernible pandas. At £8 it seems well priced but I can’t weigh up how long it would last. It’s HERE non affiliate HERE.

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