Ok, so Paris was a blast…meeting other European bloggers was very, very cool, and while this blog isn’t about breathless accounts of free stuff and swanky trips, there are definite upsides to making the effort to go to these events. In particular, a bird’s eye view on the passion and enthusiasm Lancome’s Scientific Communication Director, Veronique Delvigne, showed for the new serum, Genifique, is something that cannot be replicated in a paper press release or images from a USB key. And that’s the kind of emotion that’s infectious, leaving me feeling slightly baffled by science but really quite hopeful that there is now a skin product that might actually fulfil it’s promise. Now, here goes the sciency bit about what’s so different about Genifique.

– The serum is based on Genomics (the science of genes) and Proteomics (the science of skin proteins) ;

– By penetrating the skin cells, it encourages them to act younger than they are, and in the case of young cells, it helps them stay that way;

– The serum has taken 10 years from conception to shelf (in March) and has used research from hospitals in both Canada and France;

– The serum is able to adapt to skin’s specific needs returning cells to the protein levels of younger skin.

The serum promises visible results in 7 days, and better results the longer you use it. The price point is 52.50 pounds, and recommended for women from age 20 (although I’m guessing if you are 20 you’d rather get an entire outfit from Zara than spend it on a skin serum!). All the bloggers were given a mini facial, using Genifique, followed by a light make up application (cheekily, the chief make up artist for Lancome was busy making up a PR while this blogger and others got his assistant – ahem!), followed by a one on one session with photo-blogger Benjamin Boccas.

Lancome are claiming amazing results for this innovation and I hope it lives up to expectations when it arrives in March. I’m no scientist, but it seems a revolutionary technology, and I’m all for that. I’ll be trying it out for a couple of weeks at least and will report on it’s efficacy.

In the meantime, I’ll use this post to thank everyone for such a special day filled with Laduree macaroons and sunshine, and also thank the ever present camera man for catching me smoking,
yawning, over-indulging in croissant and cake, bereft of make up post facial and virtually dribbling with greed outside the Chanel store in Rue St Honore…all the really uncool things a beauty editor never wants to be caught doing – especially not on video in a French version of ‘Beauty Editors Do The Funniest Things….’ Oh, the shame!

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