I was quite excited when I first heard about these small tablets that you use instead of toothpaste. I’ve got four flavours here, and started off with Aquatic, described as a ‘refreshing and seductively sweet blend of Earl Grey, lime and aphrodisiac jasmine’. The tab – which looks a little like a small dog biscuit – stayed in my mouth – ooh, one second – before I literally had to spit it out. It is easily one of the most revolting things I’ve ever tasted in my life. A back taste of bicarb and a very vague mintiness stayed with me for the rest of the evening. Never again. 

I’m all for innovation, and in theory, these should be amazing. But, I couldn’t face trying any of the other flavours, was heartily put off by the fact you still actually need a toothbrush (so what’s the point of a solid tablet form toothpaste?) and the fact that they’re beige. It’s also annoying to me that they’ve billed the jasmine extract as ‘aphrodisiac’ when there is nothing less sexy than a grown woman spitting brown stuff all over the floor. 

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