Just checked out a feature on Lulu from the Sunday Mail written in February this year. She gives plenty of tips on how to stay so young looking (she does look amazing given she’s in her 60th year), and advises that her own skin care range, Time Bomb has helped to contribute to her complexion as well as good genes. Now, call me a cynic but I’ve yet to come across a skincare range that gives such an incredible ‘botox-like effect’ as Time Bomb seems to do. Or does it? While I can’t say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lulu’s had ‘work’, I feel (having seen many, many botox/filler/peel faces)she almost certainly has. Which makes attributing her great complexion to her own skin care range (full of wheatgerm, glucose, Vitamin E and rice bran) a bit rich really. I’m struggling to see how her skin can be that flawless with no intervention. A quick read of various chat sites and beauty sites finds that nobody else can quite believe it either, other of course than the newspapers and magazines who clearly don’t feel it encumbent upon them to question whether the Time Bomb creams they are featuring can really produce Lulu-like skin. As an aside, I have met Lulu’s 11 year younger sister and clearly the ‘genetic’ stroke of luck that blessed Lulu didn’t strike twice. She just looks like any woman of 49 would want to look…ageing nicely but not magically!

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