I’m watching QVC as I type – its the beauty show. I quote:

Presenter to 60 year old Lulu: ‘Why do you look so great?’
Lulu: ‘I’ve worked with and learned from skin care professionals over the years. You have to have a routine…I’ve taken the best of products I’ve tried over the years…and put them into Time Bomb.
People say I look good for my age and it’s because of these products’.

Ahem! Are you kidding? She said all this, and a lot more, without her forehead showing one single expression line. There’s no neck sagging, no laughter lines around the eyes – it’s all a bit unfair on the mature ladies snapping up these creams when I can’t see how it’s humanly possible at the age of 60 to have nothing in the way of normal ageing on your face. Draw your own conclusions; I’ve certainly drawn mine….and I’m thinking someone’s pants are well and truly on fire!

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