Lucy Annabella Personal Blend

When I met up with Colleen Harte from aromathery range, Lucy Annabella, the notes I kept being the most attracted to when smelling the products were the spearmint ones. I dislike peppermint, but spearmint is a whole other thing entirely – it just kind of makes my heart sing. Peppermint and spearmint – they’re the difference between an extra strong mint and a divine Mojito to my nose, so I was delighted when a bottle of Spearmint infused oil arrived.

The oil is multi-purpose – so far I’ve used in as a body oil and a bath oil and it’s beautiful as both. In the bath, the oil doesn’t disperse so you will have to do a wipe around afterwards but it seems a small price to pay for bathing in a mojito! It was an interesting experiment to see if what I wanted – an oil that was only spearmint, with no green tea, white tea, jasmine or other faffy scents getting in the way – really did live up to expectations as a single note. When I’ve been to fragrance launches, it’s common to be presented with individual notes that go together to make a blend – alone they can be odd and some you’d never guess were even in a fragrance because it’s the blending that creates an over-all impression that a single note alone never could. But, for me, spearmint on its own works for many reasons; it’s a sweet, happy and soothing smell – and honestly, who doesn’t want that?! The Lucy Annabella Spearmint Oil was made up just for me, but if you like the idea of a spearmint and something, the Spearmint & Lemongrass Candle (£32) will hit the spot. It’s HERE.

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