After a bout of illness, my skin has been looking ropy to say the least; just dull, tired and – eek – old. I’ve been using one face mask after another, plus endless oils and lotions just to try and put some moisture back, but nothing has made much difference. However, I was sent a bottle of Phloretin CF from SkinCeuticals the other day and dismissed it out of hand (it actually looks incredibly dull so I wasn’t tempted at all) until Friday when for no particular reason I thought I’d give it a go. By now (Sunday), I’m a total convert. In literally two days, its made a difference, making my skin look hydrated and plumped (although other testers whose reviews I read found it drying). In fact, for a second or two, I actually wondered if it had made my face swell and I was at the beginning of an allergic reaction. Research on the web shows that other users absolutely rave about it; other than one who dabbed it on some wrinkles and wasn’t impressed. The point about the serum is that it’s to refine skin texture so the fact it didn’t wrinkle bust doesn’t surprise me although over time, because of the way it supports skin function, it should do that. At the core of Phloretin is it’s antioxidant properties and it’s aimed for those with hyperpigmentation and poor skin texture. One site I refer to continually is that rarely has a good word to say about any products, and even that site admits that Phloretin inhibits up to 80% of elastase (an enzyme that breaks down elastin, essential for skin to stay firm and supple). Phloretin is a bioflavinoid (normally extracted from citrus fruits) derived from apples. It’s not often that something gives results so quickly and I absolutely love this find. The downside is that it costs £128 for 1 fl oz.

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