[unpaid/sample] You know when you experience a fragrance and it just speaks to you right there and then? This is the kind of perfume I could wear for the rest of my life and that really doesn’t happen very often. Louis Vuitton Spell On You reminded me so much of a fragrance my mum used to wear – her dinner party or going out fragrance – and realised that the notes from that continue to inform my own perfume choices.

Louis Vuitton Spell On You Fragrance Review

The first note that hit me when I tested a sampler of the fragrance (the bottle was sent for photography, courier waiting outside …. the pressure!) was honey, and I really don’t like honey other than in very, very small quantities. But, because of all it’s wrapped around in this blend, I was more, ‘mmm, how delicious – a honey note’. Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud (who believes fruity fragrance popularity is declining) is at the helm with Spell On You with a mind to create something mischievous and romantic and uses the floral headiness of Sambac jasmine and rose to achieve the optimism of romance part perfectly. The honey note comes from the acacia flower with a side order of powdery iris and a pinch of musk. I think you could say that the mischievous aspect is more about sensuality – this is a fragrance that settles onto the skin so deliciously and seamlessly that I feel confident that those around you will move in a little closer.

Louis Vuitton Spell On You Fragrance Review

Valentine’s day is the obvious hook for Louis Vuitton Spell On You but looking further ahead, this blend is like carrying a summer night bloom bouquet with you all of the time. Spell On You has a push-pull energy between softness and headiness – it smells of good times, of sensual languidity, of intimate evenings and skin that’s been held. It leaves the lightest of trails on your clothes so folding away sends the memories back to you – really, this is a giver.  It’s a luxury brand, so expect a luxury price – £255 HERE – and if the mood strikes you, you could buy Spell On You its own travel case, £460.


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