L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder
L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder

So, doing a huge about turn from the brilliance of Eau de Teint  – or Fauxmarni Foundation as I’m now calling it for it’s identical formula to Armani Maestro – to this. It’s a disaster. It needs renaming as ‘Instant Ageing Powder’ because that is exactly what it did under my eyes – it made every little crease a hundred times worse – I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. The packaging states that it minics the texture and finish of velvet nude skin and throwing every single BB point of identity out of the window, it’s five criteria for being a BB are thus:

No Shine, Smooth Resurfaced Finish, Undetectable Coverage, Fresh Look and 8H Matte Complexion.

Er, hello. There is nothing BB (Blemish Balm) about that – in fact, it’s so far removed from our understanding of the term BB that it’s dishonest. So, this is a definite pass from me.

L'Oreal Paris BB Concealer
L’Oreal Paris BB Concealer

The L’Oreal Paris Lumie Magique BB Concealer has a roller-ball applicator and is actually quite a good little concealer – not so thick that it creases or slips into lines and does go some way towards concealing dark circles (although I would have to say there are better products out there). However, the roller ball is pointless – you still have to pat it into the skin – it doesn’t work as a roll-and-go thing at all so I’m just not sure why it’s even there. It’s BB credentials are: Universal skin corrector, Anti-dark circles,  Anti-eye bags, Hydrating texture, Refreshed Look. So, again, far from the consumer concept of BB. It is hydrating though and I guess the under eye area does look refreshed. There isn’t any skin care ingredient information given, but as a refresher, L’Oreal, a true BB should have these elements:

Skin care ingredients, coverage, SPF and moisturising – as a minimum. Tsk.

These should both be rolling out (see what I did there?!) any time now.


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