L’Oreal’s new Collagen Micro-Vibration system treats dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. Or at least it might, if it worked. At £16.99 (currently on offer for £11.99 at Boots), I’d be livid if I’d paid money for it. The first sample I received literally fell apart in my hands so I consigned it straight to the bin, and in a strange quirk, only about an hour after I’d thrown it away, another arrived in the post. This one was absolutely fine; but without going into the finer points of the formula, I do have issue with the ‘vibrating system’. In the same way that you really have to wonder what vibrating mascaras are doing that is over and above what a regular mascara does, it’s the same with this cream. There is a rounded metal dome at one end, and when you unscrew the packaging, a tube of cream at the other. You unscrew, apply the cream, screw it back up again, switch on the vibration mechanism and apply it to the under eye area to massage in the cream. Firstly, the vibrations are so low key that it really doesn’t do anything more than buzz slightly on the skin. Secondly, the cream itself doesn’t absorb easily, and the time it takes to sink into the skin even using fingers is really too long. If you screw the bottom half containing the cream back on to the vibrating top part, the entire mechanism vibrates in the same way; there is no targeting at the metal top (in the same pointless way of vibrating mascaras where the whole tube vibrates instead of just the brush). If you leave the tube off, you are left with a vibrating stump that still doesn’t deliver anything much beyond a noise.

Surely, L’Oreal have to know it isn’t an effective product? Sort it out guys, this kind of gimmick makes you look a little bit like the Micro-Vibration pen itself, i.e. disappointing.

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