Today I was at the launch of a new range where the brand owner talked to us about the forthcoming products. I’m going to keep the details vague to protect the PRs involved who had clearly put so much time and effort into the launch, but the brand owner totally let the side down by appearing to know so little about their own products that it was actually a bit shocking. Especially when brand owner answered a question on how closely he/she was connected with formulations and he/she answered that they spent hours and hours talking to chemists and scientists so the answer was very close indeed. As time went on, with the sketchiest details about where the key ingredient came from, it became apparant that he/she knew pretty well nothing. The range is actually named for the aforementioned key ingredient, but when I questioned how much of that actual ingredient was in the products, the answer was quite literally, ‘not very much at all’. And when I further questioned about whether the product contained silicone, the answer was, ‘I don’t think it does’. A sharp eye’d journalist pointed out that in fact, yes, it does. On even more questions about why the range doesn’t contain much at all of the ingredient it is named for, the answer was that if you have too much of key ingredient it can actually be detrimental, and frankly I’ve never heard so much BS in my life. 

I felt sorry for the PR’s who had a loose and ill-informed cannon on their hands, and one that thought just turning up was enough. It was just a lazy, arrogant performance and I won’t be touching the product with a barge-pole. 

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