There’s this awkward thing in beauty journalism where you meet a brand representative, or founder or even distributor, who have a youth-making skin care product or some revolutionary way to look younger in a nano-second, but they don’t actually look all that youthful themselves. I have to literally put my hands over my mouth not to ask them why they don’t look twenty years younger themselves when they are presenting the lastest elixir of guaranteed miraculous youngness in a bottle. If they don’t look pretty damn amazing, it’s a bit of a stretch to think that anyone else might. And it IS awkward to be asked to believe in something that clearly isn’t working.

So, I always do peer quite closely at skin. And it is nothing to do with being pretty or even young, but they better have damn good skin to be convincing about the efficacy of the product. And so it was when I met with the L’Occitane Head of Comms. His skin is perfect. It’s almost pore free, completely smooth and yes, a little bit radiant, too which is quite unusual on a man. This is the best indicator to me that something is working well, and in his case it is Imortelle Precious Serum. It might, of course, be perfect genes but I can’t factor that in because he didn’t bring the family album so there is no way of knowing, but his skin is impressive.

Every bottle contains the extracts of 1001 (they do it by weight; thankfully it is nobody’s job to count them in) Imortelle flowers that work on collagen production. It’s pretty well as simple as that, and the proof of a good level of collagen is all of the above – smooth, plump, supple and radiant skin.

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