[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] You can never go too far wrong with a hand cream set – L’Occitane has this one just right because not only does it provide funds to Women’s Aid as part of their contribution to International Women’s Day (today), you can choose what hand creams go into it.

L’Occitane Give Back Hand Cream Set

I went to a breakfast given by L’Occitane (for full disclosure) last week in which we had a talk from a Women’s Aid representative and a beautiful poem from Rakaya Fetuga (who lights up a room – please do follow her if you are on Instagram @rakayaesime or see the poetry performance HERE) celebrating the women of L’Occitane. Going to events again is strange – and oddly exhausting…keeping up a level of conversation, asking questions and concentrating on topics just wipes me out when it shouldn’t really. Or at least, it never did. It was the tube strike day so maybe a bit more chaotic than usual but even so.

L’Occitane Give Back Hand Cream Set

I love the self-selection aspect of this (as well as £2 from each purchase going to Women’s Aid) – you can make up a tin exactly as you – or whoever you’re giving it to – likes. So, for example, you could make a citrus based tin with Shea Zesty Lime, Citrus Verbena and Verbena Mandarin, or garden flower themed with Rose Jasmine, Lavender and Cherry Blossom. A ‘good mood’ tin could include Happy Shea, Burst of Cheerfulness and rose based Burst of Vitality – I could go on! There are so many options to fit so many occasions. The tin is £21 (it’s a value set so you actually get £25.50 worth of product) HERE and I would really consider this for Mother’s Day if my mum didn’t already have a lot of L’Occitane. It’s also a good time to mention that L’Occitane has recently brought out a hand cream for men. It’s a 3-in-1 that hydrates, relaxes and prevents nail biting. I find that so strange – it’s got a bitter taste apparently so that nibblers are deterred but I did not know nail biting was a man-thing. There must have been focus groups to identify what was most required in a hand cream for men (my assumption was along the same lines as lip balm – no shine and no scent) and biting prevention was obviously a hot enough topic for the brand to include it as a USP. Anyway, Cade Handcream is £16.50 HERE.

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