AD  I feel we are short on well-priced, reliably good skin care at the moment. There is plenty in other sectors but face products you know you aren’t overpaying for that do what they say they’ll do at a more affordable level are scarce. So, I’m happy to focus on Liz Earle’s Pro-Biotic Skincare which has been formulated specifically for dry and sensitive skin and currently has 30% off across the collection.

Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Skin Care 30% Off

Over the years, having had skin like a rhino’s (in terms of resilience only!) for most of my life, my complexion is more sensitive these days. It’s not uncommon for skin to be more reactive as we age – more often than not, it’s down to the lipid barrier becoming weaker and producing less collagen than it used to. Annoyingly, the weakening of the skin barrier means that the functions of keeping moisture in and aggressors out (such as heat, UV and pollution) just doesn’t work quite as well as it once did.

Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Skin Care

Ideally, what you are looking for, especially as the weather cools, is a well-functioning complexion – skin that adapts to change without complaint and both looks and feels healthy. It’s important to know what pre and probiotics are and what they do. So, here we go – a mini masterclass – complete with my knitted bacteria!

  1. Prebiotics are compounds or nutrients that are the strengthening and supporting act to probiotics which are the main event in this duo – full of good bacteria that support healthy skin to work at its best. They work best together.
  2. Microbiome’ is a word that describes the community of micro-organisms that naturally live on your skin. Like all communities, they’re all different, everyone has one and they generally rub along nicely together with occasional clashes.
  3. As well as your skin, your gut has a microbiome too.
  4. Maintaining a healthy skin microbiome ensures your lipid barrier (the outer layer of your complexion that contains natural fats that keep skin moisturised) and your acid mantle (first line of defence against contamination) work at their very best.
  5. Postbiotics prop up the work of pre and pro biotics.

In this country, because our weather varies so much you have to think of your skin care almost in terms of outer wear – you wouldn’t head out in a snow storm in a t-shirt (or at least, I wouldn’t). Your skin needs to be properly dressed in order to stay comfortable and balanced – that includes night time … no jumping into bed in thong expecting it to keep you as cosy as a onesie! With a day cream, cleanser and night cream you have all occasions covered. Balance is a key word for the Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Skin Care collection because it contains pre, pro and post so the products work towards harmony no matter the change in exterior circumstances.

Liz Earle Pro-Biotic Skin Care

The Pro-Biotic Balancing Night Cream is one of those products that immediately feels at home on the skin thanks to some key ingredients. I like the formula – it’s thoughtful in more ways than one. Organically grown in France, chicory turns out to be a natural, skin soothing prebiotic (also often used to aid gut health in supplement form) and sustainably grown oats are fermented to produce friendly bacteria in the form of pro-biotic. These will both help to bring sensitivities into line. The oil element, which will greatly help with hydration, softening and suppleness, comes from jojoba and from lunaria, which you might know as ‘honesty’. Both are rich in nourishing fatty acids and highly replenishing. The formula is fragrance free, as is the Pro-biotic Balancing Day Cream which uses the same skin nourishing ingredients. You can find the collection HERE, as well as videos explaining more about the wonderful world of your microbiome.


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