Lip Enhancer

Oh my goodness, what has Kylie Jenner started! reported yesterday on the trend for teenagers (I bet it isn’t just teenagers!) sucking on shot glasses to get their lips to swell up, but actually this Lip Enhancing Tool has been around a while. Instructions for the Fullips Natural Lip Enhancer Plump Suction Device state that you place your enhancer over the mouth and begin to suck gently to allow an air-tight seal to form.

Funnily enough, a friend of mine has one of these – she absolutely swears by it – but I would honestly suggest that you don’t. Not least because you can be on your hottest date in a year with plump and kissable lips ready for action while your date watches you across the candlelit dinner table gently deflating with each passing moment.

These little bits of plastic are priced at £17.99 so you can see why everyone is turning to shot glasses. However, if you have to do this, don’t use a shot glass – you’ll get a ridiculous ring around your mouth for a start, and it’s glass, people, glass! Basically, you’re using gravity to pull all the blood into your lips so that they swell up – there is no guarantee that this will happen in an even manner… oh, it’s just not a good idea, trust me!


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