Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone
Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone

I’ve got to admit that when I first laid eyes on this rose quartz butterfly I thought it was nonsense, but now I’ve given it a go, it’s quite brilliant! It’s used by facialist Georgia Louise in her London and New York clinics.

Whether you are in to crystal energy and healing or not (I’m not) there is something so soothing about this stone that hugs the contours of the face – particularly the jaw line – so nicely that you just want to keep on doing it. It feels cool to the touch and when it’s used with a facial oil, it’s almost hypnotic. If you can’t  be bothered with massaging your face, the stone will convert you, I am sure. 

There’s a lot of talk in the leaflet about sleeping with it under your pillow to enhance your relationship, and while I’m not going to belittle anyone who has an affinity with this kind of energy, I can’t quite get myself to do it without feeling silly.

Anyway, far from being a pointless knick-knack, the Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone is a very welcome addition to my beauty routine and I do feel that it particularly helps with drainage if you’re puffy.

So, now the tricky bit – I’ve checked the Georgia Louise site and the butterfly stone isn’t on sale there – I can only advise that if you want one, you contact the site directly to enquire about it. Somebody, somewhere must be making these… so if anyone else knows please do leave a comment! *NB Readers have spotted that it’s launching into SpaceNK soon. 

Georgia Louise Site is HERE.

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