[unpaid/ad/sample] So, if you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that minty flavoured things aren’t my favourite – always a problem with toothpaste, especially those really fiery mint ones. Bleugh. For a long time I used a brand from the US that wasn’t quite so mint-centric but latterly I’ve been using a specialist one from my dentist because my teeth need extra care. It’s only very mildly minty so that’s fine. Because I’m wearing a brace, however, I’m brushing my teeth much more than usual and chopping and changing between whatever I happen to have, one of which is whitening because once this brace is off, whiter teeth will be an added bonus. Which all leads nicely into Mango flavoured toothpaste, Tropical toothpaste, or how about Cap Ferrat Mood flavour OR even Piscine A Antibes?


So, let me introduce you to Lebon, a French brand that gives toothpaste all the reverence and respect that they would a fragrance, even producing their ‘flavours’ in Grasse. It’s so unusual that I’d urge you to have a look at all the flavours just to marvel at the creativity HERE.

Lebon Flavoured Toothpaste

I did feel like I was really taking one for the team here but in fact, they’re rather nice. The nearest thing I can get to the base mint flavour is like when you have a sugar-free mint – that kind of cooling thing that’s sweet (provided by Stevia) and clean tasting at the same time. Cap Ferrat Mood is the mint blast – it’s really super minty with a tongue tingling, ultra fresh bite but doesn’t give you the Extra Strong Mint ‘burn’. Back To Pampelonne has a mango twist – interesting because at first you think, ‘I’m not really tasting mango’ but then comes the aftertaste, which 100% is mango but with a minty wrapper. It’s also part of the whitening category. I should mention that it’s fluoride free, paraben free, colourant free, cruelty free and sulphate free – amongst other ‘frees’. The back story is nice – Lebon is made by a couple, Stephanie and Richard (art historian and pharmacist respectively) – who love travel and used their love of the South of France and further adventures as the creative backdrop. Which explains the names and flavours.

As you might imagine, they’re priced at the luxury end for toothpaste, starting at £10.95 but they’re a very long way from the Barbie flavoured toothpastes I used to buy for my kids back in the day. Head to Victoria Health HERE. If you can find them there are travel sizes for £5.85.


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