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I think that Chanel are the first to have the concept of weekend wear for skin, and it’s not as crazy as it might first sound. I’m the ultimate cynic when it comes to marketing but actually, this three phase system makes sense to me.

Chanel Skin Care

While all items can be bought individually, the idea of the box set with the three new pieces inside is to give you experience of the concept. So, to explain in as far as I understand it, Jour de Chanel is for day use under your regular moisturiser, be it Chanel or any other. Main ingredients are Jasmine to re-energise the skin into performing at its best and creating new cells, and Salicylic Acid in micro-dose format (so it delivers small amounts throughout the day) that gently exfoliates for radiance. La Nuit de Chanel is obviously for night use. Main ingredients here are Frankincense to soothe and help the night-time cellular repair process and also Hyaluronic Acid, again in microspheres for a continuous delivery.

Finally, the bit that got me really listening! Le Weekend de Chanel. I guess to put it simply, it’s following the idea that the weekend is down-time. A chance to relax and recover from the week, and therefore this lotion has a purifying effect where your skin takes a break from the other products. It’s got May Rose water to sooth and soften the skin and also a very gently Glycolic Acid complex that gives controlled release of AHA to banish old cells and impurities.

I  checked on the trials for this and I think we all know already that skin behaves differently during the night to the day, but a selection of volunteers for the trial were woken every four hours to see what happened to skin when it’s tired. I call that dedication!

I think, if anything, you could say that this range is about your skin’s rhythm; just as we get exhausted and out of whack, so does skin and the primary aim to help give your skin its rhythm back.

I know the products can be bought individually at £60 each (I know, I know) but not sure how much the set is. It is scheduled for an August launch.


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