For the final part of the Lash Report, Liloo ( reviews Ardell:
My first encounter with Ardell didn’t start very well. The first style I tried years ago featured the ‘invisiband’ lashline which they are quite famous for. That very feature is probably what Ardell Fans like the most, but for me, it was too different from my comfort zone. For me lashes had to have a solid yet flexible lashline. But I received so many compliments on the very few times I wore my first Ardells, that I bought another pair and tried my hardest to work with them and enjoy them. Funnily enough, I would find the invisiband more visible than a regular solid black lashline and I would feel very self conscious about the ‘pressurising’ little gaps of emptiness which the invisiband left in between the knots. I’ve now gone over that and when faced with an invisiband, I would feel happier if I apply a little bit of eyeliner before applying the lashes. I couldn’t be happier with the surprise selection the company sent me: they would be styles I would naturally go for.
The 109 were so easy to apply. No need to trim anything, they fitted perfectly my small eye. They feel incredibly light, probably the lightest lashes I have ever tried. I would personally go for a fuller model but this style would be perfect for those who want to achieve a very natural result or those who are a bit shy with lashes and who want a more subtle change.
If I were to wear them out, I would trace a fine of eyeliner before applying the lashes to fill in the little gaps of bare flesh you can see in between the knots. I would personally go for a fuller model myself but they are absolutely gorgeous and feel ever so light and comfortable to wear.
The 131 were very easy to apply and needed very minimal trimming on the outer corner. These would totally be the type of lashes I would go for, the fullness, the vertical lift, the solid but thin and flexible lashline which just pops right on your lashline easily. I need to pinch myself again and I can’t believe I have been sent for review because this is a just a dream happening in front and on my very eyes.
Surely, it can’t get any better than these right? Introducing the 177. *kaboom* One word: mind blowing! Even though I prefer a solid lashline over an invisiband, these are my absolute favourite of my Ardell surprise package. 
Like the 109, they were ready to apply straight from the packet, and no need to do any trimming of any sort. If you have never tried anything from Ardell before, you must try these and you won’t be disappointed. I was thrilled to bits. Their best feature? Their natural and how they mimic perfectly a real pair of lashes. I have got no idea of what I will be wearing on Friday for the staff evening meal. One thing I know is that these babies are coming with me. Major love!
If I had to be finicky with this brand, and say something negative I would mention the glue. Not that it’s a bad glue, I didn’t even try it but the package of the glue is very much a one off use and once it’s open, you can’t close the package again and you need to throw it away. Ardell should follow their British friend, Eylure and provide the very handy mini vial, with applicator, which is totally resealable and which I have been using throughout this post and whenever I use false lashes.
Final verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise and would like to thank all the companies for having provided with the products. I didn’t think I would never say that but based on the styles of lashes I was offered to review, I would have to declare Ardell as the winner of my battle of the lashes. I have not discarded the possibility of Japonesque to wow me with other styles,  Eylure remains to this day my most repurchased brand of eyelashes and will always a special place in my heart (and on my eyelids) but on this occasion, what can I say other than Ardell is the best.

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