[unpaid/sample I’ve got a lot of swatching to do this week – palettes galore! So, I’m starting with a couple of easier (for me) posts before I begin a marathon swatchathon.

Lanolips 101 Balm Bronze

As a Lanolips fan from day one, there’s nothing to date that I haven’t greatly liked. Lanolin mimics the skin’s natural oils so it’s immediately compatible and comfortable and sourced as a by-product of sheared wool. At one time, I didn’t leave the house without multiple tubes in my handbag and it is always, always present in one form or another in my make-up drawer – in fact, when I think about it, it’s one of the first things I see when I open my drawer because I keep it right at the front.

Lanolips 101 Balm Bronze

The newest offering is 101 Ointment in Bronze. I was slightly wary of it having too much of a metallic element but in fact, it’s more of a nutty, neutral shade with a gorgeous, light-catchy gleam to it. Literally anyone could wear this and there’s a huge benefit to your lips as well because the formula is so softening and nourishing. 101 is a thicker format than the lip balms – it’s reactive to temperature so if you keep it in a freezing cold place you’ll have a heck of a job to squeeze it so it’s best to have it at room temperature but this density is what holds moisture in so well. In theory, you can use it anywhere, but we’re probably limited to conventional spots such as lips and cheeks for beauty purposes! If you want a cheek gleam from it, rub between your finger and thumb to warm it fully and apply very lightly to the cheekbones. Personally, it’s fully a lip product for me and just one of those very, very easy shades you can slide on any time, any place. It’s £13 HERE – an easy win for a winter make up bag.

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