Now I have had the chance to look up close at this collection, there is just no doubt that it is aimed at a young market. For a start, the eye-shadow and blush are in cardboard containers, the colour of the neon-looking lipstick is barely there and the eye-shadow (£19) is safer than safe. But, I’ve changed my mind about Lancome alienating their older consumer.

Rose Macaron Baume and Ombre in Love in Sugar Rose

IN LOVE is so clearly an attempt to appeal in younger consumers that there will be no confusion – I’m assuming that there will be a further collection later in the year for older consumers. There’s no harm in trying to attract new audiences for your beauty products. However, I think the collection is possibly the sort of thing your mum would buy for you when you’re 14! i.e. a lipstick (£20) that looks like a lipstick but is actually a virtually colourless lip balm and a blush (£34) that makes your cheeks look pink and innocent rather than vampy and seductive. The pop of colour comes from Jade Crush liner (£16) – everything else is lean on pigment.

I can’t get round the fact that IN LOVE is really, really pretty – almost like a plate of tempting pastel macaroons, but whether it really ticks the boxes as a collection for everyone remains to be seen.

Vernis In Love in Peach Melodie

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