I’ve been a fan of Lancaster for years – they were one of the first brands to do a tan-prolonging product, but my abiding memory of the range when I first started beauty writing was of a super-scary PR who wouldn’t let any samples out of her hands for love, money nor a national newspaper. It was nigh on impossible to get anything without feeling like a thief so I never really wrote about it and just bought my own product to use. 

Face emulsion just out of the tube.
Face emulsion slightly blended.
Face emulsion and contrast fully blended.

However, that was many years ago, and now they’re much more friendly :-). The genius of Bronzing Beauty is that not only does it give a very beautiful self tan, but it also triggers melanin production which means that your skin tone will change to a warmer, more summery hue. Quite how this works with all the anti-pigmentation creams around at the moment, I’m not sure, but I like melanin enhancing products and I do want to look lightly tanned in summer, and not ‘save my skin’ for some time in the future where the mother of all regrets will be heaped upon me in the form of immovable brown marks and lines like a ploughed field. That’s not to say I’ll bask like a lizard with no sunscreen.. far from it. 

Leg emulsion just out of the tube.

So, the Bronzing Beauty range isn’t permanent – it washes off but while you’re looking golden the tan activators ensure that over time you will have a golden glow that doesn’t rinse away with the evening shower. 

leg emulsion semi-blended.
Leg emulsion blended in.

The formula contains microspheres of different shade tan which break down when you rub them in, so it’s buildable and adaptable. For my darker skin tone, the Adjustable Tan Glow Moisturizing Emulsion in Blonde Tan, £20, is too pale on my face, so I’d need to go for Brunette Tan I think or even Blonette and the coverage for the facial product isn’t quite high enough – you’d need pretty flawless skin to get away with just wearing this as a base. However, on holiday, it’s a different matter, where you don’t want the look or feel of a heavy base but you do need something to take the edge of the white glow. It’s perfect for that. Find it HERE

The Adjustable Tan Glow Moisturizing Emulsion Refreshing Leg Fluid, £21, is genius in Blonette to Brunette tan – a gorgeous, natural looking brown shade that doesn’t streak and is nicely moisturising with a cooling effect, too. It also comes in Blonde to Blonette. Find it HERE

A little NB: this contains no sunscreen, so you know what you have to do.

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