Cicaplast Hands & Lips

If you suffer from dry hands in winter, you need to get them on Cicaplast Hands as soon as possible because I think we’re looking at a new cult product. There are so many hand creams on the market and a very big proportion of them are what I call vanity creams (why do I feel like Miranda’s mum, saying that?) – what I mean by that is they don’t have a big number of indicators to give any barrier or treatment to hands, but they do lightly moisturise and they do usually smell nice. Seriously dry hands need something else entirely and one of the vanities is never going to truly  touch sore hand issues.

It’s the longer term use that I’m interested in – thinking of people like nurses who are constantly sanitizing or washing their hands – La Roche Posay promise after 4 weeks reduced irritation and reduced redness. Better yet, it’s suitable for all skin types including atopic.

Sometimes beauty products aren’t about beauty at all; they’re more about comfort and skin resilience and all the practical things like not being sticky or oily; anything that keeps you hands from feeling painfully chapped is a result. Of course, hands will look better because in the Cicaplast formula is niacinamide to stop deep creases forming and it has an antihistamine effect to prevent any inflammation – I’ve tested it for stickiness (no) and oiliness (no) but not long term yet although I’m on it!

The lip product, Cicaplast Lips, again, sounds impressive for creating a protective layer AND filling cracks and preventing them from reoccurring. If you do have lips that crack easily, take note that in trials (using 3 times a day), 75% felt that the appearance of new cracks decreased by 75%. Lips that crack are totally a pain – no lipstick for a start, and they’re as demoralising as a spot or a cold sore in my opinion, so I am totally all for products that really solve a problem rather than disguise one. Cicaplast Lips is £5 (HERE) and Cicaplast Hands is £6.50, HERE.

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