[productsample] Yes, it’s the weekend – I have a lot of washing to do! My hair, the dog and my make up brushes. It’s one of those absolute chores that stares me (literally) in the face every day but I’m sure I don’t do it as often as I should. Kryolan is a professional brand and I guess if you are a professional make-up artist, hygiene can make or break, so brush washing is an integral part of the that job.

Kryolan Brush Cleanser

The new Kryolan soap is a nice chunky block that’s easily portable in its tin. It’s got a very clean and zesty fragrance from thyme which is naturally antiseptic and orange peel oil to cut through the grease of foundations and cream primers. In honesty, I don’t think it’s all that different to brush soaps that I’ve featured before other than in size (I remember previous ones being smaller) but if you don’t want to use baby shampoo or washing up liquid (both of which are popular brush cleaners) this is an obvious choice.

Kryolan Brush Cleanser

We’re using a lot less animal hair brushes these days (although there are still some around) and synthetics – in my view – are more durable, and therefore don’t need such delicate treatment so you can really get stuck in swishing them over the tablet. Don’t expect foam though – it just somehow mixes creamily with the residue product, pulling it all out of your brush until eventually the water runs clear. I needed 3 swishes for my Clinique foundation brush to be clean. What’s really nice is that every time you run your brush over the surface you get a burst of the scent again and it intensifies even more as the hot water runs over the brush.

All in all, it’s making brush cleansing a bit more of a pleasant job. It’s £18.50 HERE.



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