If you’re a regular BBB reader, you’ll know that I love anything Japanese and quirky – some of their more out-there beauty inventions literally have me slack-jawed! However, I came across these help-you-sleep-pants. Fundoshi are traditional Japanese loin cloths, I suppose you would call them, but they’ve been prettied up and repackaged as a sleep aid.

And here’s the why: usual knickers have elastic strips round thighs and waist (if you’re wearing them that high!) that can lead to poor blood circulation which in turn lead to a ‘stuffy feeling’ and possibly even skin irritation – which THEN can trigger a sleep disorder. Well, who knew?

With Fundoshi, there is no elastic, so you’ll apparently feel freer downstairs and thus sleep like a lamb.


It’s just that simple, although maybe someone needs to explain the theory of sleeping with a) no knickers at all or b) pyjamas.


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