I wanted to wait a couple of washes before I reviewed the Kerasilk Keratin treatment that I had at the Goldwell academy. What they say is that Kerasilk Keratin treatment is the first customisable long-lasting smoothing service for hair like silk. Blimey – a lot to live up to then!

If you don’t like long treatments, then this won’t be for you – it’s at least two to three hours, but very well worth it, as it turns out. When I went to the academy, I hadn’t realised how long it takes so we really had to whizz through it and got it all done in two hours flat. After an initial clarifying wash to get rid of absolutely every bit of residue in my hair, hair is rough dried and the treatment is applied. The bit about it being customisable is important.. a few years back I would have said I wanted my hair poker straight, but now, I’m up for a bit of loose wave and body so the blend was mixed so that my hair wouldn’t just hang. The liquid is applied in sections – that’s the time consuming bit -and then it all has to be dried again and, the crucial bit, straightened through with irons.

Funnily enough, I loved the smell – not at all chemically and quite fruity. The Kerasilk blend contains glyoxylic acid with keratin and proteins to create new bonds and stabilize hair shape (they say for five months). Once the blend has done its work, hair is then washed and conditioned – and dried again.

So far, I’ve done two home washes post-treatment (with the Kerasilk products) and it’s nothing short of amazing. I expected to leave the salon with ‘salon hair’ , but what I didn’t expect was that my hair has pretty much stayed looking salon done! Normally my hair is quite fine but thick and prone to frizz; post treatment, it falls into place every single time I brush it. It feels soft, looks shiny – honestly, I don’t have one single negative comment on this treatment – it’s for anyone who’s ever despaired about their hair! At around £120, it seems rather pricy, however, it’s a long, personalised treatment and my hair is radically different in terms of being manageable and behaving well.. not a curl of frizz in sight. I noticed it also cut down my blow dry time quite significantly. I would do this again in a heart-beat and it’s a 10/10 treatment from me.

The best place to go to find more info is the Goldwell Facebook page or the Salon Finder HERE.

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