[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I went to the launch of the Jonathan Van Ness’s new hair care range a couple of weeks ago. Both Max and Lucy love Queer Eye so I knew I was going to have to get the ‘celebrity selfie’ for them even though it’s something I very rarely do – and when I had my picture taken with one of the cast from Inbetweeners I showed it to a PR and she thought he was my son… argh! So, I’m never keen to be honest. But, JVN is a showman so it was fun and interesting and the hair range is really quite impressive.

JVN Hair Care Review

I wasn’t all that keen to come away from SheWolf (HERE) because I’ve been enjoying using that, but I opted for Nurture to test run the collection. What piqued my interest about JVN Hair is that the parent company is Biossance, known for their use of plant derived squalane in their skin care – and I love that skin care line. Squalane is found naturally in skin and it has a high emollient factor and compatibility – it’s very good at both hydrating and preventing loss of hydration. All in all, a great ingredient that transfers well to hair care too, so no surprise that a key ingredient of JVN Hair Care is squalane in the form of hemisqualane as an alternative to silicone. The difference between hemisqualane and squalane is the former has a lower molecular weight than the latter and is lighter in texture.

JVN Hair Care Review

The purple bottles are the Nurture collection – a rehydrating and delicate frizz reducing range so I’d say it’s best for normal hair that can be prone to frizz and just needs a bit of shine, Undamage is for damaged hair and Embody is for finer hair types that want a bit more oomph. All of the products use ingredients we’d expect to see in skin care rather than hair care – caffeine, bamboo, bisabolol, camellia seed, amino acids, jojoba and ceramides.

JVN Hair Care Review

I get along very nicely with Nurture – I have found that I need two applications and if I over-do the second, my hair can feel a bit stripped but that is immediately remedied with the conditioner. Pretty much what I want from hair care is the end result to be swishy, shiny hair and it really does deliver on that. It rinses out very well and I have to admit that I think it’s working on frizz too. The scent is pleasant – lemon, blackcurrant, white orchid, sandalwood and vanilla – it doesn’t linger strongly but there’s a kind of freshness that stays and I catch a whiff of it every now and again. I mean, there’s nothing in this not to like – I’m not sure how passionate I feel about it but it would absolutely be on my radar as a less expensive luxury range that feels like a treat. Prices start at £16 for the shampoos rising to £24 for the Pre-Wash Scalp Oil (I used it but you’re in it for the long term if you ever want to see ‘shinier and longer hair’ from it). I’ll do a separate post on the Complete Air Dry Cream that promises to reduce frizz by 97% (miracle!) but I never really need hold for my hair so next time I do, I will bring out the Air Dry. It’s at SpaceNK HERE.

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