[unpaid/sample/affililate/ad] This is the product from the new Jonathan Van Ness range that most people’s curiosity has been piqued by. JVN Air Dry Cream claims to give humidity protection and hold while reducing frizz and increasing smoothness. It’s best for frizzy prone, curly, wavy and coily hair types. I do have a curl in my hair that I fight out every morning – I don’t mind a bit of wave but my curls aren’t those gorgeous ones that curl evenly and loosely – they’re the sort that are lopsided and unreliable so I don’t let it be natural all that often. I think I’m just in the habit of how I blow dry to a straighter look that I’d actually have to be completely without a hair dryer to let it just dry naturally. I’m trying to think back to lock down and whether I let it just be then…

JVN Air Dry Cream

I still haven’t cleaned my windows from that sand cloud but if anything is reminding me to do it’s this picture! So, I used the Air Dry Cream on Sunday night – the first thing I noticed is that it says ‘work a desired amount through…’ and I have no idea how much that is. I think a bit more instruction there would be helpful especially for people who don’t generally use this type of product. Actually, from the name, I thought it was a speed-up your drying time product. I went with a 50p sized amount and then blow dried. I think perhaps it would have been better if I hadn’t blow dried but just left it to go natural. The thing I did notice was that it seemed to really kill the shine but as pay back for that, my hair just kind of fell tidily into place the next morning without much brushing through or readjusting.

JVN Air Dry Cream

I don’t really like putting product in my hair after shampoo and conditioner – I can always feel that it’s there and there is a bit of texture shift with Air Dry in that it felt more ‘held’ than usual. But, I guess that hold is what reduces the frizz. I ran a bit of Instant Recovery Serum through my hair (it’s not yet available in the UK but coming soon) and that returned the light feeling that I like and I think a bit of the shine. It’s one of the tips on the SpaceNK website actually – to mix with the serum and I imagine that might bring back the softness but not sure what it would do to the hold. Unless we have one of those impossible hot and wet days that just makes hair practically stand on end, it’s not what I’d use other than under extreme conditions but if you live in a climate with daily humidity, it feels like full shine is a small sacrifice to pay for smoother hair.

I don’t really have a full answer on this – if you’re used to using humidity defying products that make your hair feel stiff or crunchy, that’s not what happens here, but I could tell it was in my hair until I added the serum. I’d recommend it for curl defining and unruly hair because of the next morning fall-into-place but I don’t think we currently have the right conditions for any firm conclusion on frizz. I would 100% recommend the serum however, so as soon as that’s in stock, I’ll flag it up. Otherwise, for now, JVN Air Dry Cream is £21 HERE.

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