I went to a launch last week that presented three new John Frieda products – one is a blonding/lightening treatment that lifts blonde hair and hopefully staves off a visit to the colourist for just a little bit longer. The next is a volumising spray – I looked on in horror as the stylist deposited the best part of a can into the model’s hair and yanked her tresses into some kind of tumbly do – it really didn’t seem ‘that’ effective and if you need a whole can – or the best part of – your budget might tell you that it’s a special occasion only item. I think I was expecting something a whole lot more spectacular than a very mild amount more body – I was expecting big – huge – gargantuan hair. It didn’t happen. But, the product that I’ve tried and tested and ADORE is the 3 Day Straight. I’ll kick off with the niggle first – on the packet it says that it’s a semi-permanent styling treatment. I’d argue that 3 days can’t be described as even vaguely permanent – in fact the opposite, it’s temporary. However, when I applied the spray (about 10 spritzes) before drying it was light and pleasant smelling, and majorly importantly for me, my hair didn’t actually feel as though it had any product in it at all. I should add in at this stage that instead of the usual Moroccan Oil I used Geilly Green’s Argan Rescue (amazing) and put the spray on after that. While I was drying I didn’t notice my hair behaving any differently, but actually the real magic happens when you run the straighteners through. And, even then you probably won’t notice a huge difference. It was the following morning, when I was just feeling a bit unimpressed to find a curl peeking out from my fringe, when I quickly reactivated the 3-Day by running irons through, that it just all fell back into place perfectly. And it has stayed that way. I’m at the very end of day 2 and my hair looks immaculate. It’s heat activated polymer technology that’s at the heart and very impressive it is too. This is definitely going on my must-have list. It will cost £6.99 and is available now.

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