Jo Loves Bath Cologne
Jo Loves Bath Cologne

Easily one of the most exciting new innovations for bathing, Jo Loves Bath Colognes are A-Mazing! Bath Cologne is made with a much higher fragrance concentration than other bath products so the bonus effect is that you virtually scent your whole house when you have a bath. The formulation for Jo Loves Bath Cologne took two years to perfect.

I’m a great one for the power of a pampering bath – it’s just dedicated me-time and while it doesn’t require expensive products to validate that time at all, if you’ve slipped something special into the water it does make it more of a ritual and I think, personally, I value it more if I have something lovely (budget or high end) in the water.

My all time favourite fragrance from Jo Loves is Pomelo – it puts a smile on my face every single time I use it – but it’s closely followed by A Shot Of Fresh Sweet Peas which is now also a Bath Cologne, along with No.42 The Flower Shop as newbies to the Bath Cologne Line Up. I’d happily gift a Jo Loves Bath Cologne to a new bride, a new mum, a leaving gift, a welcome gift but mostly a gift to me ;-).

Jo Loves Bath Colognes are £59 HERE. (and that’s not actual size in the pic.. it’s a sample so the real thing is wayyyy bigger!)

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