Jo Loves Pomelo Bath & Body
Jo Loves Pomelo Bath & Body

It’s love at first sight for Jo Malone’s new Jo Loves bath and body range. Pomelo is my favourite fragrance – probably ever – it’s warm, juicy, uplifting and enveloping so I’m not even going to pretend to be cool about this. It’s BRILLIANT!

It’s pretty typical that Jo has done what nobody else has thought of yet – created a Bath Cologne that’s not just a good name and a genius idea but follows through with the same level of actual fragrance you’d find in a personal scent. In fact, she was told it couldn’t be done – that bath products had to be oil based – but you know, where there is a will there’s a way and here it is although it took two years to perfect. When I popped a (generous) pouring in the bath it gave a gentle and small amount of foam that quickly disappeared leaving delicious wafts of Pomelo laden steam that literally perfumed the whole house. I had to wait for a cool day to get the most from a hot Pomelo bath (even I don’t want to die by Pomelo.. although there are worse ways to go) but the gorgeousness of it was worth a chilly day any day! To accompany A Bath Cologne there is also A Body Lotion and A Bath & Shower Foam – when I wore just the Body Lotion, I was stopped in the street to ask what I was wearing.

The luxury bath and body market is quite empty really – there is masses of product for the bottom and middle ends of the market but right at the top end there is definitely space for this range; there must be a thousand formulators banging their heads on their desks right now – Bath Cologne.. how did nobody think of this before?

Jo Loves: A Bath Cologne will come in two other variants, Green Orange & Coriander and Pink Vetiver. As you’d expect, this luxury range comes at a luxury price – £59 for 200ml but worth every single last penny of it for the sheer decadence.

It launches in October; at the same time as the first Jo Loves stand-alone store in Elizabeth Street in London. Come Christmas time I don’t think Elizabeth Street will know what’s hit it – remember the pre-Christmas queues around the block for Jo Malone stores when it first arrived? Pack a picnic, rug and thermos from November onwards.


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