There was an interesting chat on Twitter today about how beauty bloggers are able to properly test so many products. The basic truth of it is that when it comes to skin care, it is very, very difficult. Who’s to say that my glowy skin from that ‘amazing product’ wasn’t a direct result of the ‘super serum’ I’ve been using the month before. The issue is that with a wealth of beauty products at my finger tips, not only is a true result very tricky, but it’s quite a commitment to test something to exclusion of all others for 3 months or so, and give it enough time to show its true colours. With some products, there is almost instant improvement and its enough to make me think, yes, that did something special, with others, I know straight away if my skin doesn’t like it (but then, that’s just my skin) and can exclude it. It’s the more in-betweeny products that aren’t wow and aren’t bad that are very hard to make a call on. I have to use experience, ingredient quality and ingredient quantity to make an educated decision. In some cases, I really cannot call it, and will say so. With make up, of course, and fragrance, shampoo and conditioners, the process is much, much easier. A lot is down to personal preference and that’s my bench mark for those. So, if something comes my way that promises the quickest of fixes, I’m instantly interested. Like the above mentioned Jeanne Piaubert Speed Dieting and One Week Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Lips. Both promise results in a week…Speed Dieting claims to slim, wipe out cellulite and dimpling in 7 days, while One Week claims in one week wrinkles and fine lines are visibly diminished. Given that my lips are one place where I am really starting to notice ageing taking place (the surface always looks dehydrated and virtually never smooth), I’ve got high hopes. They are both extremely expensive products, Speed Dieting is around £80 and One Week is around £70. For this, I expect a good result and will report back in a week.

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