So what happens, in theory, when a publication decides they want to write about beauty bloggers and You Tubers? Do they look at what’s really happening out here in beauty blogland, or do they chop up information to make it a fit a pre-selected format? I was recently sent some questions from a publication that ran along the lines of ‘do you get invited to celebrity-studded events?’, ‘do make-up brands send you whole collections of make-up?’ and even ‘do you review spas and hair salons?’. 

Erm, unless you count the cast of TOWIE, no to the first, no to the second and yes, sometimes to the third. But you can easily see that a pre-set question list could well turn out to be an obliteration of the truth with a salacious copy line running something like this, “Beauty Bloggers lavished with free goodies at celebrity laden events’. As if. There seems to be a worrying and sudden trend to furnish beauty bloggers and You Tubers with a reputation of hauling in the cash and flash. If only it were so! 

This happened in the States as early as 2008 with mainstream media on a mission to show beauty bloggers as amateur hobbyists who just got awfully lucky when the freebie fairy visited. In theory, if you were to be asked these questions, I’d think long and hard about how you answer them. If indeed, you answer them at all. Currently only an unlucky (and unsuspecting) few know how their words can be twisted and turned to make years of hard work knee deep in make-up seem like a money-grabbing exercise, and again, in theory if it were to happen again, it would not be pretty, and that is a fact.

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