[unpaid/sample] If you’re a child of the 70’s you will probably remember Lady Jayne hair accessories – multicoloured barrettes, circular tortoiseshell clips and bunch bobbles. Our local chemist had a Lady Jayne stand which was about the most exciting thing you could find in there (apart from Aqua Manda, obviously) and I so wanted the sort of hair that could hold those things of beauty. My hair was super curly and frizzy so it was fairly pointless but I did give bobbles the best go I possibly could – despite the inevitable nightmare of getting them out. Back in the day, there was not such thing as tangle free elastic or the kind of snag free spiral design like Invisibobble’s most recent development – Twins. I will place money that beauty and fashion editors far and wide fall on these hair accessories as the most must-have of all must-haves either as a ‘vintage’ revamp trend or a little ping of nostalgia for handlebar bunches.

Invisibobble Twins – 1970 All Over Again

They’re just SO simple to use – it’s an intuitive action requiring just a simple twist and exactly the same in reverse to come out again with no dragging through the hair lengths in removal. These are so new they’re only in a couple of places – the pink bobbles are HERE, and the tortoiseshell are HERE – both £4.99. Please could we have a small circular tortoiseshell barrette to take me 100% back in time to the little Scottish chemist. I’m not sure I’ll be giving bunches a go anytime soon but I’m wearing the pink Twins right now to hold my too long hair in a scruffy pony.


While I’m here, if you’re a regular swimmer (a chance encounter with an eel and a diving mask in a Scottish river means I will never, ever – I can’t emphasise enough EVER – wild swim) the Swim With Mi spiral is covered with quick-dry material so that you don’t end up with a soggy ring (sorry) after a dip.


As someone who rarely dips in the water (conversely, love a bath over a shower any day of the week) this is a holiday item that might, even if my elongated neck can’t, save me from a hair wash and the world’s weakest drier that inevitably comes as part and parcel of a hotel bathroom. Non-affiliate is HERE.

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