Institut Esthederm Sun Oils
Institut Esthederm Sun Oils

I realise it’s probably only me that’s going to get ridiculously excited over a new sun oil, but that’s because it’s from my favourite sun care range from Institut Esthederm. If you’d asked me way back at the beginning of my beauty journey if spending £40+ on sun care was a good spend, I’d have said no way! But, despite having as much sun screen as any one person could need sent for review, I always buy this.

Since BBB grew up, it’s almost impossible for me to take a whole week away, never mind a fortnight. So for the past couple of years, I haven’t, and instead, have opted for two or three long weekends instead. But, they have to be in the sun because, particularly when I’m tired, I crave those rays. I also like to come home with a bit of a tan. I’m not a sun baker these days, but I know that my skin tone looks much better when the sun has hit it a bit. You needn’t get the violins out – I’m perfectly happy to forgo long holidays for a while longer – although it’s just one of the reasons that I know BBB cannot go on forever.

When I was shown the Institut Esthederm Sun Oils a couple of weeks back, the first thing I did was smell them, and it just is the smell of my holidays. I can’t really say what it is, but it’s the hot sun, down time and a sea breeze. With Institut Esthederm, you don’t get an SPF rating as such because what the formula does is train your skin to protect itself rather than put a barrier in place. It’s complicated, but I have never burned using it, and it genuinely makes for a faster tan (which is lucky for me). I’ve got a long weekend booked in a couple of weeks so this is first on the list to come with me! I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. You can find Institut Esthederm Sun Oils HERE for £42.50 and I’ve also spotted some of the sun products discounted at Feel Unique HERE (but the oils are exclusive for now to SpaceNK).

Just checking back, I’ve covered this range 17 times on BBB – kind of says it all! Another post, with a bit more explanation about the filter system is HERE.

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