[productsample/affiliate] Usually, marketing speak makes my eyes roll nearly out of my head but I am 100% on-side with the re-branding of shampoo as hair bath. Hair washing is such a chore – I don’t think I know anyone who looks forward to it – but hair bathing? Somehow, better.


Innersense Hair Care

I have to admit that I would never pick this off a shelf myself – it’s just not visually very exciting and nothing much to make it stand out, but trust me, there is some remarkably good shampoo (bath) inside! I used both the shampoo and the conditioner and got a huge amount of shine once I’d dried it. As the temporary dye comes out of my hair, so does the shine, as a general rule, so I was surprised to see shine back when I was on the cusp of thinking I need to get my dye redone. I’m going to wait now. AND, it’s surpassed my expectations of organic hair-care – my hair likes silicones and I’m happy to use them but there are none in this organic formula. Neither are there any of the usual … I don’t want to say ‘nasties’ but you know the culprits (parabens, phthalates, artificial dye etc) … instead, avocado oil, coconut, shea and rice bran to name a few. Honestly, a revelation.

As you might imagine, it’s not cheap – the shampoo, sorry, bath, is £26 and the conditioner is £28, but you might like to try the Introductory Pure Kit for £22 HERE in which you get a hair bath, conditioner and leave in spray. Non affiliate HERE.

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