[paidpartnership] I’m flagging up my Instagram Live Interview with Dr Tracy Mountford happening tomorrow (or today if you’re reading on the morning email) to get some pressing questions answered about (non-surgical) body treatments. I’ve mentioned before that I had a Coolsculpt treatment that surpassed all my (cynical) expectations and opened up a whole train of thought about body treatments. We’re in an era of body positivity and I’ve been trying to marry up the two – modifying those things that you just can’t feel positive about while at the same feeling guilty for wanting to.

I’ve got a whole post dedicated to Coolsculpt coming up but in a nutshell, I’ve been (as you know) working really hard on body conditioning through yoga which I absolutely love. But, as parts of my body tightened up nicely, once part started to seem more and more out of place – yes, the upper arms. That’s place that is nigh on impossible to tauten so I felt I didn’t have anything to lose by trying – the result has been spectacular although I should point out that results can vary. So, that’s what has given rise to wanting to talk more about not only the high performance mechanics behind the (expensive) treatments that can give you what a million downward dogs cannot as well as talking about why these stubborn areas appear (hormonal change is a major reason) and why the people Tracy sees aren’t celebrities and millionaires but people just like us. If you have a question you’d like me to put to her, please leave it in comments and I’ll do my best to get it answered.

So, I hope you’ll join us (Dr Tracy is very down to earth and tells it like it is – no wonder we get on!) on Wednesday 4th August at 4.45 on Instagram HERE.

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