I cannot believe my time is nearly up with Imedeen. Literally only three weeks to go. So, ahead of my trip at the end of next week, I’ve been given some more signs to look out for that the tablets are doing good things.

Imedeen Time Perfection


The most interesting one is that apparently Imedeen helps to reduce razor burn from the inside; so when your skin gets red and irritated from shaving, Imedeen helps to stop this happening. While it’s a small happy side-effect for me – because I don’t get that much razor irritation in the first place, I’m thinking that it is probably a huge plus for men who have to shave daily, or for anyone that does shave daily on legs and underarms.

I use a mix of waxing strips that I do myself, and any missed bits on my legs get shaved off on the shower. It works for me really well, so there’s no reason to change it, but I know that some women get very sore skin from constantly shaving. So, because Imedeen stimulates new skin cells and increases skin thickness, skin is more resiliant to the shave process. It also helps skin recover more quickly post-shave.

I will have one more post once my Imedeen trial comes to a close, but I genuinely think I am a convert here. I don’t look ten years younger, and I can’t use my face as an example because I’ve had filler put in, but I do know without a doubt that it’s having a softening effect. I’ll post more on the end result effects in my final post in a couple of weeks time.

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