IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer
IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer

I’ve been taking Imedeen Tan Optimizer for a little over two months – I take Imedeen Time Perfection every day without fail anyway, so adding one more into the mix wasn’t any effort at all. Actually, Imedeen Time Perfection started as a sponsored post, but a year later, I’m still taking it independently because of the significant impact its had on skin hydration (more on body than face, I think).

Imedeen Tan Optimizer is interesting. They never really quite say what it does, other than protect the skin from UV induced oxidative stress with Vitamins C and E. So, apart from protecting my skin from the afore mentioned stress, which I completely accept, this post is about what I think it’s done for my skin. So, you take it four weeks before the sun and keep going throughout any sun exposure (because it’s summer I’ve carried on post-holiday). Because I don’t really ever get long breaks in the sun, only short ones, and I like to tan safely, I think that it did help me to tan more quickly. But the main thing I’ve noticed is that my natural tan has stayed much, much longer than it would have done normally. Which personally, I am thrilled with because I’m not tempted to keep ‘topping it up’ at home and rely on incidental sun exposure rather than actively baking.

The sun isn’t our enemy – I’m a firm believer that you do need some sun. It’s more a question of understanding that too much sun is where the problems begin. With Imedeen Tan Optimizer it is made very clear that it doesn’t replace an SPF, and it’s not a self-tan either. So all the absolute sun rules apply – always use SPF, avoid very strong sun for prolonged periods, don’t bake for hours at a time when the sun is high. Treat the sun like a good bottle of wine; a few sips are lovely, a glass is fine, two glasses, you’re pushing your luck, a whole bottle and you’re going to have many, many regrets!

I notice that Imedeen have marked Imedeen Sun as an 18+ product which I completely agree with – there is nothing like your teen years to make you think your skin is invincible.

As ever, with any sun product post, I need to remind you to notice and check any changes in moles on your skin and head to the doctor if you see anything untoward. And never, ever use a sunbed.



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